Morning Workouts vs Night Workouts: Which One’s Better?

By Shasha Onyx [Courtesy Cardionyx]

There are two types of people in this world; the early bird who likes to jump out of bed and start doing strict military pushups, or the night owl who likes to stay up at ungodly hours to jump start their rigorous jogging session. (ME!)


Neither are necessarily bad, because there are great benefits for both types!

Benefits of Morning Workouts:

  • Boosts your metabolism so that your burning more calories all day!
  • An all natural coffee for the mind; workouts wakes the mind up better than coffee; so double benefit if you start your day out with it!
  • People who exercise in the morning are more likely to be consistent with their workouts everyday than people who exercise later.
  • You get better sleep; since exercise energizes the body, starting your workout at night will definitely make it harder to drift into a peaceful sleep.

Benefits of Night Workouts:

  • Your body has better muscle strength at night than in the morning.
  • Releases stress from the day!
  • For people who have insomnia, it may even help you fall asleep if the workout is vigorous enough.
  • Fewer people will attend the gym, which means you’ll be less self conscious training AND you’ll have more space to workout! (Double win!)
  • Allows unlimited time to workout, compared to in the morning where you’ll feel rushed.

So which option do you guys prefer? Morning or Night? Comment below and let me know!


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