Burn Your Ship!

By Rita Onyx

In 1519, Hernán Cortés arrived in what was known to him as the New World with six hundred men. He sensed the challenge ahead of him and made history by deciding to destroy his ships. The message was clear: There is no turning back. He and his men were to stay and achieve his nefarious goal. Two years later he succeeded in his conquest of the Aztec empire.

While I don’t agree with his gross entitlement that ended up being the slaughter of a civilization, I can still take away a nugget of truth. Sometimes burning your ship is necessary in order to conquer your fear and plunge ahead.

It wasn’t long ago that I was working a 9-5 job as a Nurse Practitioner. Actually it was a 7am – midnight career because it was seeing patients all day and then coming home and charting for another six hours. On top of that I was juggling multiple side jobs as well. To say I was burnt out was an understatement. I was charred. I barely had any energy to take care of my children, be present for my husband and take care of myself. I was tired and I couldn’t take it anymore. It was time to make a serious change.

I started to look at what I could drop as soon as possible and what I could tolerate for a little longer as I looked for more permanent change. I quit three of my side jobs immediately. Despite the loss of income I started to feel more at peace. The extra money was not worth it.

After that, I decided to look into what I wanted to do with the rest of my life – career wise. I had experimented a little with Amazon FBA and eBay dropshipping in the past but I wasn’t convinced that was what I should do full-time. I just wasn’t for me. I then saw an opportunity to start a YouTube channel and I figured I would try that too. I got my family involved and we all started our own channels. That was a big FAIL. But it was also a learning experience.

We decided to try again but this time we decided to work together and create a comedy skit channel.  To my amazement it worked! It worked so well that within one month I was able to quit my job. My husband didn’t want me to quit so early but I was more than ready to take the leap and burn my ship.

Quitting didn’t necessarily burn my ship right away. It was when I decided to stay out of the nursing field and allow my certifications and licenses to expire. The cherry on top was when I decided to move to a state I wasn’t licensed in and had no plan to ever apply. That’s right, they’re ALL expired and I have no plans to renew or restart. I have found my calling.

I am no longer just a YouTuber. I have now branched out and started Onyx Star Media LLC which is the umbrella company over multiple sub-branches extending into several areas of entertainment, media, business, retail, music, books, fitness, gaming, and more. I love it. This is what I always wanted. I still work long hours, but now I do it with enthusiasm and a love for my craft.

Are you ready to burn your ship?


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