Q&A I slept with a married man…Is it really love? – The Onyx Life Ep.19

The question is I slept with a married man and he keeps coming back.  He won’t leave his wife because he claims he loves her still.  But he also won’t leave me.  Is it because he loves me too?   The word love perhaps is one of the most important words yet it is often misappropriated and misunderstood in its usage.  Since we all have our own idea of what love means to us the best way to answer the question is with a question; Are you getting what you are looking for?   Because I think this is really what you are wondering, will it work out in my best interest?  When it comes to relationships my advice is make sure you clarify that you understand what you want and you understand what the other person wants, because sometimes the word love, itself does not give us enough to work with.

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