The Fruit of Forgiveness – The Onyx Life Ep.23

When someone hurts you, lets you down, betrays you, or owes you a debt of any kind, we are taught that we must forgive them.  Forgiveness is a complex process that involves many layers, almost like an orange.  The various elements of the process each serve a unique purpose, and should not all be expected to be a sweet experience.  If in haste you decide to bite into the fruit of forgiveness before peeling back the rind, or separating the pegs and spitting out the seeds, it could be a very unpleasant experience.  This may even cause you to have a distaste for forgiveness unjustly, because you have misunderstood how the true nature of forgiveness is designed and prescribed for broken relationships.  Mirthell and Rita will share with you how they eat the fruit of forgiveness.

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