The Circle Maker – Onyx Life Ep. 68


Episode 68 – The Circle Maker Bold Prayers Big Answers

Praying circles around your biggest dreams and greatest fears.

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One thought on “The Circle Maker – Onyx Life Ep. 68

  1. I have been truly blessed by Ep 68 The circle maker – I so resonate with the experience shared on answers to prayer and I am so overwhelmed with joy for you both ; Although I have had my own personal experience with answered prayers I am definitely so encouraged by you both in sharing your experiences and your thoughts from the book . (The circle maker) I can never have enough stories of answered prayers . I look forward to reading a book from you both on answered prayers . Lord ! Please bless my life and eyes as I anticipate this reality. Onyx life you are an answer to prayer . Thank you for sharing – may your lives continue to bless others in ways you may never imagine . God bless you all and I say “Amen .”

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