Shake Up in California – Onyx Life Ep. 86

Welcome to The Onyx Life hosted by Mirthell & Rita Onyx. Episode 86 Shake Up in California is about Mirthell and Rita’s accounts about their family experiencing their first earthquake.


Old School vs New School – The Onyx Life Ep. 1

Mirthell and Rita introduce themselves as “The Onyx Family”, a popular family on YouTube. They are the parents of Onyx Kids, Shiloh, Shasha, Sinead, and Shalom. The Onyx Family come from humble beginnings and promise to take you on their journey from the struggle life to the Onyx Life, how they maintain a happy home while creating a financial empire. Get your backpack and put your white sneakers on and get ready for the journey. There is no break dancing or dougie to nae-nae choreography in their old school vs new school podcast, rather it’s about their approach to a new way of thinking that will make you want to break out and dance. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their up and coming financial freedom, as Onyx Life takes you to school tuition FREE. The Onyx Life podcast not only teaches you a new way of thinking, but Mirthell and Rita also inspire you every podcast by sharing their own personal experiences.  This episode is loaded, you don’t want to miss out. Let’s get started!

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